conceptual art film set in early 1960s America based on the poem ‘Face Lift’ and novel ‘The Bell Jar’, by Sylvia Plath. Written, designed and directed by Aisling Kelly.

Using descriptions from the novel to make design decisions, Aisling, realising the striking similarities between the two works, chose the poem to develop her narrative structure - resulting in a non-linear biographical story. In designing, she took influence from Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ as well as focusing on portraying the vivid, surreal imagery throughout both novel and poem.

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Co-Director - Dave Fox

Director of Photography - Eilis Doherty

Editor - Christopher Corcoran

Sound Design - Orlaith Darcy

Starring Saoirse Doyle, Michael O'Kelly, Geraldine McAlinden and Sharon McCoy

Set Decorator - Paul Kerney

Makeup Assistant - Emily Smyth

Hair Assistant - Miriam McCarthy

Special thanks to Peter Wilson, Laurent Murray and Danilo Zambrano.


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