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FADE Pigments Packaging

Introducing Tina Davies' newest product: FADE Eyebrow Pigments - a sensation among permanent makeup artists worldwide. Our mission was clear: to uphold Tina Davies' brand recognition with packaging that truly captivates and ensures brand recognition, elegance, and functionality.

Creative Direction: Aisling Kelly

Graphic Design: Sabrina Llorente

Client: Tina Davies Professional

TDP-Fade-PDP-Images-1800x1800-MediumWarmBrown (1).png

Crafted for luxurious appeal, the bottles exude pride in every artist's studio display. Our devotion to perfection led us to match the screen-printed labels flawlessly with the rich color inside each bottle. Artists' color choices have never been easier, ensuring impeccable artistry. A stroke of genius, each pigment's unique temperature is elegantly portrayed through simple, intuitive icons for effortless use.


Embodying the essence of the brand's visual identity, the packaging showcases stunning gradients using the signature Brown 1 and Cream 2 colors. To add a touch of luxury, we opted for pearlized paper, adorned with a copper foil embossed logo that perfectly matches the pigment bottle caps. For a seamless and secure experience, we integrated a magnetic closure on the outer flap of the collection box, providing a durable and high-quality feel. Inside, the bottles are gracefully held in a horizontal position, perfectly accentuating the brand logo.


The ultimate artist's delight awaits within the box—an exclusive luxury color chart. Printed on a glossy card with copper foil stamped logos, it ensures instant brand recognition and elevates your creative journey. But we didn't stop there. Embracing technology, we offer a digital color chart at your fingertips. Just scan the QR code printed on the inner cover of the collection box or individual boxes for instant access.


With these meticulously designed packages, artists worldwide can now achieve the same impressive results they've come to love about Tina Davies pigments - rich colors and exceptional quality.


Photography: Doaa Jamal

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