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FADE Pigments Launch

As the Creative Director behind the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection marketing campaign, my role was to craft a compelling narrative that showcased this exciting addition to the Tina Davies ecosystem. 

At the heart of the campaign, we emphasized Tina Davies' brand positioning as a leader in innovation, technique, and education. To introduce the FADE Collection to the market, we meticulously highlighted its unique selling points, leveraging a captivating blend of stunning imagery, informative infographics, engaging user-generated content, and educational videos.


Date: July 2023.

Client: Tina Davies Professional

Creative Direction: Aisling Kelly

Graphic Design: Sabrina Llorente

Photography: Doaa Jamal



Understanding the challenges some PMU artists may have faced with Tina's previous line, we focused on earning their trust. We kicked off the campaign by empathizing with their fears and concerns, positioning ourselves as advocates in their artistic journey. 



Our team produced an impactful video tailored for paid media, strategically targeting artists familiar with inorganic-based hybrid pigment lines. The video was designed to highlight the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection's unique selling points and showcase real, tangible results on the skin. 

Social & Content 

Recognizing the passion and enthusiasm of artists within our community, we tailored our messaging to appeal to their inner "nerd", knowing they would embrace and champion this exciting new line. This approach played a pivotal role in building trust and fostering genuine excitement around the product within our artist community.

social graphics.png


Infographics were instrumental in our campaign, offering artists crucial insights into the various use cases, product care tips, and ingredient details to guarantee exceptional results every time. 



Head-on and fearlessly, we confronted our customer's concerns about inorganic ingredients, dispelling common industry misconceptions through a visually stunning array of graphics. With compelling graphics at the forefront, we empowered our audience with knowledge, assuring them that the FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection was a safe and trustworthy choice.



With dedicated effort, we crafted numerous emails, strategically sending out 2-3 per week, targeting a diverse range of customers. Leveraging a mix of infographics, product imagery, and user-generated content, we seized the opportunity to educate our community extensively about the upcoming FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection before its official launch. 


Blog Posts


Landing Page

landing page.png

Event Sponsorship

With a limited budget, we executed a successful soft launch of the FADE Pigment Collection at PMU World, a prestigious permanent makeup event in Miami, Florida. At our 'experience center' booth, we created an immersive environment where attendees could try the product firsthand at dedicated workstations, marvel at the exquisite packaging displayed on podiums, and even snap selfies using the Tina Davies mirror. 

To create a buzz and reward our esteemed guests, we gave away 100 collections to VIP attendees, leaving a lasting impression on them. Moreover, we collaborated with artists during live demos, providing them with the FADE Collection to showcase its impressive results in real time. The impact was remarkable – over 800 attendees had the opportunity to experience the product firsthand, and we received an overwhelming response with many attendees preordering the pigments right on the spot. The combination of hands-on engagement, striking visuals, and an intimate brand experience left a lasting impression, cementing the FADE Collection as a must-have in the minds of our target audience.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-20 at 15.34.38 (1).jpeg

Influencer Marketing

We crafted custom PR gift boxes for influencers, enveloping each FADE Collection in FADE-themed mailers, wrapped with care in branded tissue paper, and sealed with Tina Davies copper foil stickers. This special unboxing experience elevated the excitement for artists and enhanced their content, creating a buzz around the FADE Collection.

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