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Metro High School

Metro High School in St.Louis, Missouri, is renowned for its rich history, exceptional education, and unique approach to personal development. Every year, students complete a minimum of 240 volunteer hours for graduation, sparking a genuine desire to help others in their community. 


However, the neglected gym hinders students' athletic growth and deprives the community of a vibrant space for events. 


Introducing the "Giving Feels Good" campaign, which celebrates the joy of giving and encourages donations to support the school. By empowering students to thrive and make a difference, together we can create a brighter future for all.

Personal project.

Creative Direction & Copywriting: Aisling Kelly

Photography: MidJourney


Showcasing the founder's legacy. The gym has seen 50 years of volunteer events thanks to Betty Wheeler's founding vision, but it hasn't seen new equipment in decades. This would be printed in local newspapers and magazines.



Two initiatives. The first being more obvious - placing the leading executions on local bus shelters and billboards. The second, projection mapping onto the St. Louis Arch. The 'arch of giving' highlights the intergenerational impact & joy of giving back to your community.



Evoking pride and nostalgia through throwbacks, testimonials, and inspirational stories as well as partnerships with local social channels.



We start with the sounds of a bustling school hallway, with students chatting and lockers slamming, capturing their energy. As the bell rings, James Brown’s song “I Feel Good (I Got You)” starts playing. This time, it’s reworked and sung by a choir of Metro High School students.

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A television commercial featuring real students and alumni and showcasing Metro's current gym and what it could be.

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